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The same year Gotye met Kris Schroeder and they formed a duo called The Basics. The LP sold 2 million copies worldwide.“Somebody I Used to Know” topped most of the charts in Europe, Australia, and the United States. The year of the song’s release, Gotye was nominated for eleven ARIA Awards and won six of them.

They performed on a regular basis and allowed Gotye to gain experience and popularity. Gotye continues to write new songs and performs live.

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The following year, Gotye won the ARIA for best male artist, reinvigorating sales and both critical and popular adulation of As his success continued to swell, Gotye was able to establish a home in Melbourne and in 2010 set up a recording studio in the barn on his parents' 13-acre farm.

Wouter De Backer, best known as Gotye, was born on May 21, 1980, in Bruges, Belgium, to Flemish parents.

When Gotye was 2 years old, his family relocated to Australia, eventually settling in Montmorency, Victoria.

Inspired by the positive feedback he received, especially from Australian radio station Triple J, Gotye produced two subsequent self-produced and self-promoted EPs, which also received positive feedback and gained regular radio rotation.

In 2003, these early recording were grouped together and released as an album, In 2004, Gotye moved to Melbourne and continued to record new tracks, while also working at a library and performing with a band called the Basics.Currently he specialises in tax, legal guidance and general support for a limited number of high net worth individuals and families.