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1857)—executad same day by causing publica-tion of this uotic Q for four sucoeasiveweaks. Hare tho band load around the pulloy so asto turn tho stono from tho Sun ; this is indt-eated by the arrow on tho top stone. Vamleveer'* ine s chic dam Schnapp .a pure article of Holland win, a wholesomeho Versg", and an invaluable family mi£-d.rcink, particularly beneficial in all ca^osof Dysentery, Dyspepsia, t i-trrluxáj Itboumn-tinm, Gout, Fevers, It is highly ret-em-meii led by many of tho most eminent Physi-cians throughout the States us an excellentunl agreeable alterative, and admitted to ef-fectually euro alb diseases of the Urinary 9r-! Ac., and is peculiarly adapted te theuse of females and children. ílíppers(it, ac15íít, ben , (who should write their namesaw* fjs¡* ¿«'2 ^2*2íi! aud tat where Vo íítfe™ 15j ««we plainly.)fe Jt&Sl Stei'iri To R. 46-6mbook agency.rpife subscribers have establi Mhed a Hookx Agency in Philadelphia, and will furnishany b4ress tho subscribers, as we would act as Agents for the salo of the it am a pierce.50 South Third st.

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Came to hand Auguit fi Sth, 1857,—executed saine day by c nsing publica-tion of tho within notice for four suc-cessive woeki, in the San Antonio Led-ger. Theupper ttono being stationary nnd supjorteí] (in a frame secured on the top of tho mainframe with bolts, can be taken up with easeand rapidity for the purpose of dressing the Mill.

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