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Now, Serge, we’re on the road heading for the Delta.

We’ve taken all the money that was left in the special Whiskyfun Icelandic bank account (not as much, I’m sure, as we deposited) and bought a fabulous second-hand Whiskeyfun trailer for our trip, though I have to admit it’s a bit of a bugger to manoeuvre.

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) but gained one in Libya, Suriname and on the Turks and Caicos Islands. Kudos to Signatory for adding these kinds of data on their labels. Nose: it’s not very far from the TSMOS version, only a tad rounder and more honeyed. Comments: warning, this one isn’t a swimmer, but it’s very, very nice when undiluted. Changes directions after that, with more apricots and bananas but also lemons. Yes, it's not that easy (but again, very costly) to ship 198 samples to 12 Maniacs who are scattered all over the globe... Finish: long and majestically peaty, tarry, salty, liquoricy and lemony. A GTO of the whisky world, dating from times when Coal Ila was a heavier and fatter spirit. A tad sourer and more lemony and buttery, without the exceptional crispiness that the 1966 displayed. With water: gets very tarry now, and more maritime as well. Immensely lemony and peaty, albeit less complex than the 1966 again when undiluted. With water: pure liquorice wood and mastic-flavoured gums. Mouth (neat): big but rounder and softer than the oldies, as well as earthier (roots, celeriac) and probably more maritime than the 1969.Please buy any music by Michel Hausser that you may find. But now, like most things it seems, House of Blues (but not the shack) is owned by Live Nation.