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The New View Campaign is opposed to the growth of the unregulated and unmonitored genital cosmetic surgery industry that is medicalizing women's sexuality and creating new risks, norms and insecurities. Educational materials about diversity of normal genitalia Betty Dodson drawings showing diversity of normal women's genitals (PDF) "Design-a-Vagina" plastercast project showing diversity of normal women's genitals (PDF) 2005 British journal of Ob-Gyn paper showing range of normal female genital dimensions (PDF) *The New View documents on this page are PDF files and must be opened with Adobe Acrobat.

We are posting documents and analyses of this dangerous and offensive new trend on this page for journalists, students and scholars. About the New View Protest November 17, 2008 New View Campaign Press Release on Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery Protest (PDF) Endorsers of the 2008 protest (PDF) New York City genital cosmetic surgeons (PDF) New York City FGCS Website Claims (PDF) Campaign letters to government and professional organizations (PDF) II.

Two important academic papers review this situation: Liao, L., Machala, L. Selling the ‘perfect’ vulva: a critical analysis of surgeons’ promotional websites for ‘designer vagina’ surgery. In 2008 The New View Campaign held a street protest to raise awareness about the growth of this unregulared industry, and called on groups including the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) and the Consumer Affairs Division of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to increase their involvement and oversight in these matters. This activism was covered by national and local media such as TIME magazine, Alternet online, and BUST magazine (PDF). Additional resources on Activist Genital Art Every Body!

With our 2009 event, VULVAGRAPHICS, the New View Campaign calls for positive education about genital diversity to become part of comprehensive sex education and women’s studies programming. : Visual Resistance in feminist health Movements, 1969-2000: This was a fantastic Chicago exhibit September 11-October 10, 2009 that included original work from more than a dozen artists and contributors.

The day was filled with arguments over trial outcome measures and diagnosis definitions.

Leonore Tiefer, Ellen Laan and Rosemary Basson wrote a comment in the Journal of Sex Research examining the Missed opportunities at the October, 2014 meeting.

Since 2010, researchers have continued to produce overwhelming evidence that sexual problems are linked to contextual and relational factors far more than to physiological shortcomings.

This Bibliography includes another 34 counter-narratives to the medicalized view of womens sexual problems, extending the 2010 bibliography to 2014, including research published in well-respected journals without industry conflicts of interest.

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The counter-narratives highlighted the social, cultural, psychological, and interpersonal factors at the core of womens sexual dissatisfactions and treatment needs.The FDA’s hearing on “drug development” for FSD was held in Maryland October 27-28, 2014.Pharmaceutical companies and allies recruited and paid the travel for many women to testify about their suffering from low desire.Websites of surgeons offering genital cosmetic procedures make misleading claims about sexual improvement and show standardized ‘after’ photos, creating a new, uniform, norm. For a copy, click here Here is a recent and thoughtful analysis of FGCS vs.

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For a typical example, click here As a consequence, unsafe and unregulated cosmetic genital surgery procedures are increasing in popularity. (2009) Labial Surgery for Well Women: A Review of the Literature, In press, British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology Virginia Braun (2009). Female Genital Mutilation, written by Gbemisola Olujobi, a Nigerian woman who was “circumcised” in infancy and who is amazed at the many FFGCS/FGM similarities Other resources can be found on the New View Female Genital Surgery Activism page. Activism challenging Female Cosmetic Genital Surgery Both British and US academic centers have called for professional and regulatory actions to better inform the public, monitor the extent of the procedures, survey both online and print advertising, and ensure the safety of these procedures through competent and independent research.

The New View is sympathetic to the many women who are unhappy with their sex lives or relationships.

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