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Since 2002, Fuji TV has co-sponsored the Clarion Girl contest, held annually to select a representative for Clarion who will represent Clarion's car audio products in television and print advertising campaigns during the following year. consolidated "Nippon Broadcasting Holdings, Inc." the broadcasting business of which was taken over by Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc. On October 1, 2008, a former Fuji TV became a certified broadcasting holding company "Fuji Media Holdings, Inc." and newly founded "Fuji Television Network Inc." took over the broadcasting business.Fuji TV, which broadcasts Formula One in Japan since 1987, is the only media sponsor of a Formula One Grand Prix in the world.Fuji Television also operates three premium television stations, known as "Fuji TV One" ("Fuji TV 739"—sports/variety), "Fuji TV Two" ("Fuji TV 721"—drama/anime), and "Fuji TV Next" ("Fuji TV CSHD"—live premium shows) (called together as "Fuji TV One Two Next"), all available in high-definition.It is owned by Fuji Media Holdings, Inc., the holding company of the Fujisankei Communications Group.The Japanese television station also has 12 offices our the world in locations in countries such as, France, Germany, Russia, USA, South Korea, China, Italy, Thailand and the UK. was founded on November 18, 1957, and started broadcasting on March 1, 1959.In June of that year, Fuji TV formed a network with Tokai TV, Kansai TV, and KBC Television.

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The Nagoya office is found at Telepia, Higashi-sakura, Higashi-ku, Nagoya.

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