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Numerous anecdotes attest to his great contempt for that which Bram Bogart called "peinture-peinture" (which may be roughly translated as "painting pretty pictures") and Marcel Duchamp the class of the "retiniens" ("retina-cretinas") - in contrast to the class of the 'grey subject-matter.' " The above paragraph from the History of Art expesses why I feel an afinity with Magritte- it's almost as if we are in some way kindred souls.If you want to get images of what exist- get a camera.Bare midriffs on men can also be a sign that the man is Camp Gay or a Wholesome Crossdresser.The male version for the ladies is most often the Shirtless Scene.

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But a dress with a large section around the belly cut out does.The legacy of Dada in such jokes is unmistakable." Magritte also liked to shock and surprise.