Dating website for autism plenty of fish dating site customer service phone number

29-Jun-2017 13:51

“Not everyone is non-verbal, rocks back-and-forth, or screams when they get overwhelmed,” says Linda Shuler-Kagelaris, who is 22.

“It’s a spectrum.”The anxiety of “coming out with autism” is a big reason why Olivia Cantu started an online dating website called Spectrum Singles two years ago when she was 18.

“My boyfriend is patient and knows not to react to it negatively.

He’s able to calm me down.”Twenty-year-old *Tina says because communication is already tricky, it’s important to be explicitly clear.

And that’s on top of finding someone of substance who is actually worth your time in the first place.

Imagine dealing with all the stresses of dating and it being 10 times harder: You can’t read between the lines or pick up on subtext.

It’s not like the autism world is a little clique where autistic people only date each other.

Which brings up dating obstacle number one: telling someone you like or are dating you’re on the spectrum.

Autistic is a dating site set up to bring autistic men and women together.When we first met, my behavior was very awkward and obsessive.” Because they were already close, she wasn’t nervous to tell him about her autism — and he was super supportive.

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