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Others adopt a semi-annual or quarterly update for selected plans, based or attributes such as risk rating or criticality.A final approach requires plan owners to update their plans whenever the situation requires it, irrespective of an annual review date.Frequent updates lead to more complete and reliable disaster recovery plans, which therefore lead to a work environment safe from disasters.Frank Lady, CBCP, CISSP, PMP, has more than 15 years of experience in business continuity and contingency planning roles.

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Environmental factors and your disaster recovery plan Environmental factors relate to changes within the organization.

Because IT environments constantly fluctuate, you should change your disaster recovery plan accordingly, so that your codes and staff are up-to-date with any changes.

Some examples of the most common environmental IT changes are hardware and software updates, outdated or replaced applications, staffing changes, down-structuring and new facilities and buildings.

The mandatory segment includes regulatory and other legal or regional requirements.

There are several optional topics, including outsourcing to another DR site, which creates challenges from two perspectives: it may decrease awareness levels between the parent organization and the outsourced function; it also may increase recovery requirements on the parent organization.But ultimately, you should update your disaster recovery plan whenever an important factor in your organization changes, whether that variable is internal or external.